A Two Plot Study

A project log for Handheld GPS Logger

a custom handheld GPS logger for mapping biodiversity in urban and suburban areas

John OpsahlJohn Opsahl 04/19/2021 at 04:200 Comments

What if I have only ever experienced the natural beauty of Dallas urban and suburban biodiversity in black and white? 

This two plot study will explore the natural beauty and novelty observed in a 2x2m plot of mown grass and a 2x2m plot of unmown grass over a one month period. Each plot will be visited up to two times a day. The Handheld GPS Logger will be used to capture any notable observations at each plot. Each observation will be categorized by type of observation (plant, insect, bird, etc.) and given a subjective 0 to 9 ratings on "beauty" and "novelty". The goal of this study is to understand if an area of uninhibited biological growth is subjectively more or less "entertaining" than an area of inhibited biological growth and in which ways.

There are many factors that I won't be able to remove bias from in this study - perspective of a single observer, visiting each plot at a different time each day, etc. I am not a biologist and not a psychologist. I am only a citizen scientist who is interested in how we can use positive human interactions with nature to promote biodiversity and habitat growth in urban and suburban areas.