A slight departure from my usual projects as there's no hardware or 3D printing in this one. I ordered an M5Stack Core2 ages ago as I'd seen a few people doing really nice things with the screen and I wanted to try it out.

I was also interested as it's got a different microphone from the ones I'm used to - it's a PDM microphone and I've only played with PCM microphones up until now.

This project started off as me just testing out the microphone to see how it works and ended up in me writing quite a lot of code...

It should be pretty straightforward to add more visualisations and it does look very nice :)

Hopefully, other people will like it and contribute to the codebase.

There's a video here where I run through the microphone and test it out and then do a quick walk through the codebase. You can jump to the end to see it in action.