Not so hard!

A project log for 7 Segment Hex Module using PIC16F18446

Two digit (8 bit) sevent Hex segment display using a microcontroller

John LonerganJohn Lonergan 03/15/2021 at 00:590 Comments

It wasn't so hard to work out how to use the IDE. I've started using the Microchip MPLab X IDE rather than their online web offering because the native install includes simulation capability.  I was wrong when I earlier thoughts that there was a charge for the local install and or the XC8 compiler. There is no charge. I installed the XC8 first then I installed the IDE and it was no effort.

I read the bit of guide explaining how to select which pins will do what and setup the device as shown below.  (See document chapter "Locking pins as GPIO")  

Once that was done I figured out how to generate a starter project and then wrote a very simple program wth a control loop that read the 8 bit input and setup the display control lines.


I need to get on with creating a PCB for this and I'll take some design elements from my previous seven segment module plus improvements.

Keep watching!!