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A project log for Propeller P2 Retro Games Project

An Intel 8080 emulator running on Parallax Propeller P2 hardware designed to emulate retro arcade hardware

Graham ColeGraham Cole 06/20/2021 at 18:570 Comments

I've cut out all of the parts required to start building but before I do I wanted to sort out what we are doing with the two side panels and the joystick area.
We thought it would be neat to put a vinyl print on these faces but the reality is that self adhesive vinyl needs a non porous and shiny surface to adhere to.
I've spent most of my time this week on different finishes, testing lacquer and varnish for which is best.
Well the answer is spray lacquer gives by far the best results but comes at a cost, the labour element to spray, sand, spray, sand etc.. is too high.
That made me rethink the whole vinyl print idea and instead I have redrawn the graphics in CAD and engraved them onto the side panel and joystick area.