Robot Tank Using NASA FPrime

Building a tank steer robot using NASA JPL's FPrime framework.

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Learning the F' Framework by building a Tank Steer robot and a Raspberry Pi

Learning the F' Framework by building a Tank Steer robot.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 4
  • 1 × Kookye Tank Chassis Kit
  • 1 × Kookye H-Bridge Motor Driver From arduino electronics kit that can be purchased with Tank Chassis

  • Added PWM Motor Control Component

    Joe Kale03/21/2021 at 18:16 0 comments

    The H-Bridge motor driver that came with the Kookye kit allows PWM input on the the ENA and ENB pins. After getting things functional with simple enable/disable logic I added PWM control from the Raspberry Pi.

    To enable the PWM sysfs driver for Raspberry Pi pins 12 and 13 add the following line to your /boot/config.txt.


    As a Pro-Tip, to debug errors in your config.txt use the following command to print the logs from starting up

    sudo vcdbg log msg 

    After figuring out the process for enabling and setting PWM settings, I got to work developing the F' Component to control them. You can see the final result in the Tank/PWMMotorControl directory in my fork of F'.

    Next step is a Component for Gamepad input for simple testing of the motor controls.

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