Bluetooth! + Steam Release

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lucas-lucidvrLucas LucidVR 05/21/2021 at 22:220 Comments

Alright, so all of the pieces for using Bluetooth with the VR gloves have come together!

Using Firmware V2 and Driver v0.3, the gloves can now communicate to steam completely wirelessly.

This requires using an ESP32 development board instead of an Arduino nano on the glove side.

Change COMMUNICATION to COMM_BTSERIAL in the firmware, and communication_protocol to 1 in the driver.

Currently, Bluetooth communication is done through Bluetooth Serial, but I will also be writing a BLE implementation later on.

In other related news, the open-source VR glove driver that I have been working on in collaboration with Danwillm is now finally released on the Steam store!

I recommend using the steam release of the driver instead of the GitHub zip, as you will get auto-updates as they roll out.

I'll also be releasing a video tutorial on how to build and set up Prototype 3.1 very soon!

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