CH55xG Tiny

Tiny Breakout Board for CH551G/CH552G/CH554G 8-bit MCUs

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CH55x Series are 8051 MCUs with USB interface. They are cheap (cost less than $0.5). They can be programmed by USB without any programmer. They can be developed with Arduino. This breakout board for CH55xG series fans out all IOs within a compact size. It can be used as a development board or be embedded into a device directly.

About This Board

  • Breaks out all IOs within a compact size (2.5x1.6cm)
  • Breadboard-friendly pitch
  • One-sided components arrangement simplifies surface mounting

The layout files are available in KiCAD format at linked Github repository.

Developing with Arduino-like API

You can try this board with ch55xduino. The marks of pins on this board adopts the same scheme as the one used in ch55xduino, i.e. Mark = PortNumber*10+PinNumber .

  • 1 × CH552G Or CH551G, CH554G
  • 3 × 0603 0.1uF MLCC
  • 1 × 0603 10k Resistor
  • 1 × 0603 4.7k Resistor
  • 2 × 2x3mm Button switch

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