Project No – 1 

Project Name – AC Line/Volt LED Blinker 

Component List –

  1. LED – 5mm*4
  2. Diac – DB3
  3. Capacitor - 10µf/50v
  4. Resistor – 100 KΩ
  5. Diode – 1N5399
  6. Power Source – AC Line/Volt
  7. AC Cable

Circuit Connection – 

1st we make a series connection with these 4 LED & we check the led light using DC_12v. Now we connect Diac with Capacitor Positive Leg. Now we connect DC_12v Led Light. Connect LED Negative Leg With Capacitor Negative Leg & Connect LED Positive Leg With Empty Leg Of Diac. Now we connect rectifier diode. Connect diode positive leg with positive led of capacitor & connect 100 KΩ resistor with capacitor negative leg. Now We connect AC Cable with the circuit. Connect ac cable with negative leg of diode & empty terminal of resistor. For safety we everybody should use separator. 

Our circuit is now ready for use. Now just Plun-In AC cable & enjoy the circuit.


Project No – 2 

Project Name – Single LED Flasher/ 3v LED Flasher Using DC 12v

 Component List –

  1. Transistor – BC547
  2. Resistor – 3.3 KΩ 150 Ω
  3. LED – 5mm
  4. Capacitor - 47µf/25v
  5. Power Source – DC 12v

Transistor Pinout –

 For all kind of transistor, there are different pinout. For BC547 Transistor, if we count it’s leg from left side then its 1st leg Collector, 2nd leg Base and 3rd leg Emitter & we have to remember that, it is a NPN transistor.

Circuit Connection – 

1st Connect led positive leg with collector of transistor. Connect Capacitor positive leg with emitter of transistor. Now Connect 150 Ω resistor with led & capacitor negative leg. Now we connect 3.3 KΩ resistor. Connect 3.3 KΩ resistor with emitter of transistor. Now we connect Power Cable. For power source we are using DC-12v. Now connect DC-12v positive cable with 3.3 KΩ resistor & connect DC-12v negative cable with negative leg of capacitor. 

Our circuit is now, ready for use. Just plug-in DC-12v & Enjoy the LED flasher circuit.