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A project log for Piano signal processor

Add metronome, reverb, compression, recording in an outboard box.

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 02/22/2024 at 07:390 Comments

Got it to show the status bar & use smaller buttons.  Just used DOS character codes for arrows.  Drawing images entails a lot of work to size the images.  Being able to increment & decrement the beats per minute with buttons is a big win, now that double tapping doesn't trigger a zoom.  If only there was enough room to increment & decrement the sliders.

Vintage DOS characters have a lot going for them.  The original DOS character set, Code page 437, is stored in every graphics card from 1981 until this day & every phone.  Lions originally thought it was cheap, upon 1st seeing it in 1985.  It couldn't draw images like PETSCII.   It never appealed as much as PETSCII, but it won the contest.  When lions saw it in the form of Sony Fixed, in 1995, it looked a lot better. 

There is a desire to configure the reverb on the phone.  It doesn't really do anything useful except maybe emulate the HFAC.