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A project log for H-T-R-C - A Universal Remote With BLE

An open source, hackable, extendable, powerful universal remote with IR, Bluetooth and a low power ARM micro as a base.

jacksonliamjacksonliam 08/08/2014 at 16:370 Comments

I don't really have anywhere else to put this stuff, so in the spirit of this being my living notebook, heres some links I've come across:

A BLE library for the nrf51822 (Arduino?):

Cheap NRF51822 Debugger (McHack)

The Laird BL-600 looks like a pretty good candidate for the module. About 8 quid from mouser and is an NRF51822 with all the trimmings on a certified module. The module can be programmed like any other nrf51822 chip but also contains a stack called smartBASIC which is probably as horrific as the name implies (If you find BASIC horrifc, which I do!).

More info:

Breakout Board:

The Laird dev kit is £100, so quite an investment. They have a programming Jig which looks like a great idea for bulk programming these modules, but it costs over £300, perhaps I'll need to hack together something like that (fire up SCAD!).

I also remeber reading something about bringing pin20 (or another similar pin) high to turn on the antenna, so better remember that If I use these modules.

Do I need to sign off these logs?