TurboPascal and C Compiler

A project log for Grant Searle's Z80 CP/M Design

I thought I would put this CP/M 2.2 Z80 project together. See what I can learn.

agp.cooperagp.cooper 03/22/2021 at 12:070 Comments


Uploaded TurboPascal for the Z80. Installed for ANSI, worked fine with GTKTerm.

I have used TurboPascal3.02 for PC for years. I love it, but the the CP/M 80 version has no graphics. Which is one of the features I use quite a bit.

C Compiler

Uploaded the Aztec C80 v1.05b. Its probably the smallest complete package around. It has floating point but the syntax is K&R not ANSI.

I think the Hi-Tech C (Z80) compiler is near ANSI if that is essential.

Rock Solid

So far the machine has been rock solid. Works very well.

Reducing the Serial Clock

The next version of the board will divide down the serial clock by six (i.e. 9600/19200 baud). No need to run at 56700/115200 baud.