Initial List of Required Functions

A project log for Newt: Always On, Low Power Digital Assistant

An always-on digital assistant that fits on a desk/nightstand/mirror/wall/fridge. Weather, alarm, timer, calendar, habit tracker, to-do list

Darian JohnsonDarian Johnson 03/20/2021 at 01:120 Comments

In software systems design, we typically split requirements into two camps:

There is sometimes debate on what is Functional vs Non-Functional.... so I didn't bother categorizing my requirements. That being said, I want to be sure that my requirements were true requirements and not design decisions. For example, I need to be able to connect to the internet to get periodic weather updates, but that doesn't automatically mean that Wifi is a requirement.

Anyway, here's my initial list of requirements

Must Haves Functions

Nice to Have Functions:

Stretch Goals

In addition, there were a few non functional requirements that I captured: