Quantity   Component name
1 × Main control board the motherboard, has components on both faces, you can order it from any capable manufacturer that can assemble components on both faces, or solder the yourself if you know how to
4 × 18650 Li-ion battery I would recommend any battery that has > 2500mah
12 × Servos although the robot is fairly light ~ 1.3kg, I would recommend using 20kg.cm DS3218 servos or any equivalent, you can try with weaker servos like the MG996R ~13kg.cm on your own risk
12 × Aluminium servo horn Plastic horns that come with the servos are fine, but if you have the means I would recommend the Aluminium ones
2 × M4x60mm standoffs these standoffs really help connecting the two ends of the robot rigidly, any metal material is fine.
1 × ESP32-CAM the camera used for this robot
4 × hip bearing 688zz ball bearings, used to support the hip joint
8 × knee bearings 625zz ball bearings, 2 are used to support each knee
4 × 8x60mm Aluminium shaft used for the leg, refer to the print provided. (still not available)
4 × 5x50mm steel shaft used to pivot the knee, I recommend Steel over soft metals
2 × 3d printing Filament Spool any material would work, of course except flexible materials, I've used PLA, the parts weighs just shy of 1Kg
48 × M4x8mm bolt I used socket head cap screws for all the bolts in this robot, But it is not critical
44 × M4 nut thickness should not be greater than 3mm
4 × knee tie rod 40mm tie rod, the pivots should be orthogonal
60 × M3x12mm bolt
4 × external snap ring for a 4mm shaft You can try to retain the steel shaft with a printed snap ring, but a metal one is recommended
48 × M3x20mm bolt
1 × Power Switch, rated for 6A
1 × manual reset fuse rated for 6A
58 × M3 nut
4 × M2X12mm bolt and nuts
4 × PCB rubber spacer you will get rubber spacers with each servos, you won't need them for the servos, but I used 4 of them as it was recommended to me for getting better IMU readings
12 × servo cables I'm not using the cables that come with the servos, there will be instruction on how to edit them, you will need 4pins cable double sided, straight directly aligned, 1.5mm pitch, length not less than 20cm
1 × 100g TPU filament used for the feet, I would recommend getting more if you don't have experience printing with TPU