There's a first time for everything

A project log for Password Typer

...or perhaps the smallest, most portable macro keypad :)

Scott AlfterScott Alfter 03/22/2021 at 06:270 Comments

...and this might be the first time I farm out assembly instead of getting some quality time with the rework station.  It's not a particularly complex board by any stretch, but perhaps that's the type of board that's better for a first outside-assembly project.  Sending a zipfile of gerbers is nothing new, but passing along the BOM and the parts-placement info for a pick-and-place machine will be something new.

Still need to panelize the gerbers, though, and the script I use for that is missing its dependencies because KiCad was last built against Python 3.8, not 3.9.  It's rebuilding as I write this...already most of the way done, too.  Throw a Ryzen 7 3800X and 64 GB of RAM at Gentoo and it'll rebuild code in a hurry. :)