Carolina Con Online Badge

This BBQ themed hardware #badgelife badge is the official badge for Carolina Con Online in 2021.

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This is the official badge for Carolina Con Online in 2021. Carolina Con Online has a North Carolina BBQ theme this year so, our badge does too! We featured the con logo as PCB art and a simple circuit with an ATTINY45 to control 5 LEDs and 1 IR LED.

This badge features 2 LEDs behind the pig eyes that make glowing red X's appear when lit up. We also have a hidden message under the strip of silkscreen above the circuit. When the badge is in a dark room the photoresistor will trigger LEDs behind the silkscreen to reveal a hidden message! Take a look at the photos to see the message.

The badge + a shirt can be purchased here for just $25:

CarolinaCon is a volunteer run hacker con based in NC that is online this year happening from 4/23/21 to 4/25/21

• We've got talks!
• We've got a CTF where the top 3 winners get NC BBQ sauce as a prize!
• We've got merch!

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