Gerbers Submitted

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Six "sided" LED Randomizer a.k.a. an electric die

Thomas CountzThomas Countz 04/11/2021 at 01:480 Comments

Today, I've touched up the design a bit and sent off the gerbers to PCBWay for review!

This has been an exhausting amount of work so far, but I've learned A TON already. Without a lot of experience, it's hard to tell whether or not the board will work when it shows up, but I'm excited to find out. I'm thinking that at the very least I'll need to experiment with the resistor and capacitor values to get the LED timing and battery usage right.

My order from Futurlec still hasn't shipped. I contacted them a week ago and they said they're still working on it... my plan was to have those parts here by now so that I could run experiments on powering this circuit with only 3 volts, but it'll have to wait for the first run of the PCBs—I wouldn't be surprised if they show up first.

If all else fails, I hope that I end up with some cool PCB pendants and a heck ton of knowledge!