Decoding the display

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Repurposing a Maschine Mikro Mk2 controller to drive a Microcontroller MIDI sequencer or CV/Trigger outputs (and learn Rust)

Tim SavageTim Savage 03/28/2021 at 04:550 Comments

A bit of thought was obviously put into the layout of the display. The display uses 1 bit per pixel but it is broken up into 8 pixel bands where each byte in the display buffer represents 8 vertical pixels with 128 bytes making up a full stripe.  This is a clever design as it allows for characters to be easily much easily rendered (as long as they are 8 bits high) and allows for simple updates to small blocks of the display (eg the current time code) without sending the entire display buffer.

I still need to do some investigation of the display header to determine what all of the various fields are used for, I am assuming one will be an offset within the pixel buffer for doing partial updates.

To accommodate this I've added a single file program for converting the output from GIMP's export as C-Header into a pixel buffer that can be rendered to the display.