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Renix Diagnostics for RaspberryPi

PyDrewPyDrew 04/14/2021 at 03:440 Comments

While my MJ has many upgrades, I do still like the retro aesthetic so it's important to find a place for the RenixPi without it looking totally out of place. The interior of an MJ is minimalistic by today's standards: just a couple of levers for heating/cooling plus a 1-din sized radio. But, even so, the dashboard is bulky and doesn't leave much room for a display where it is easily visible. The space between the gauges and the radio/heater is curiously blank. The panel is styled as if it was intended to display something, although beyond an upshift indicator light (on the mirror panel to the left of the steering wheel) and a small digital clock, it is empty. 

a "five" indicator panel to the left of the steering wheel (arrow). clock in the top of the right panel (box). the ash tray below (red arrow) is now home to my dual-band VHF/UHF radio.

While the raspberry pi could be tucked behind the dash, it turns out that the behind the panel is mostly empty space and just large enough for a raspberry pi. While I was able to find a used panel on ebay, a 3D printed version gives more flexibility in the placement and mounting of an lcd screen and the Pi.

Software updates would be easy by configuring the Pi as an adhoc or access point wireless network, but just in case, I routed usb and micro SD card extensions down so that they're easily reachable underneath the dash.

The fuse panel is just to the left of the clutch pedal but there is easier access to both switched power via the clock's connections or unswitched by tapping into the cigarette lighter (which I had already replaced with usb charging ports).