Game of Life as a wall poster

96×96 RGB LED matrix used as a 24/7/365 poster for my workshop

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Conway's Game of Life is surely my obsession, as I've made so many versions that I don't count them anymore. This is the biggest one, with 96×96 matrix (6mm raster), made of 3x3 low cost panels ordered from China.
The controller is made of PIC24EP512GP806, working at 140 MHz. It is enough to control the 16-step LED matrix with 80 fps and perform the Life algorithm. As this is is RGB matrix, Red and Green channels are used to make the orange "live" cell, and the blue one is somehow non-standard, as it displays only the 4th and 5th generation backwards, if 2nd and 3rd were not "live" cells. This gives a fast insight in where the situation is still "unstable". It also generates the nice tracks after gliders.
When the whole field is stable with the revolving period of up to 64 generations, random mutations are performed automatically and the evolution goes on. So the "poster" turns on generating new patterns forever, 24/7/365.

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