Integrating Arduino With Microchip Studio

A project log for ATTINY_85 Sheild

A shield for working with ATTiny85's

Seth WhitingSeth Whiting 04/15/2021 at 19:020 Comments

I wanted to be able to program the ATTiny85 using Microchip Studio. (This is an IDE proved by ATMEL for programming ATTiny85's and other AVR chips they make. I didn't have an atmel ice nor did I want to buy their proprietary 140$ programmer so I wondered if there was a way to use an arduino as an in system programmer with microchip studio. Turns out there is!... Kind of. What it really amounts to is writing your project in microchip studio then using the external tools function in the tools dropdown menu to run avrdude from your arduino install but using the .hex file that was created from microchip studio when you build your project. It's a bit of a hack but by doing so you're able to use the arduino as an ISP and you save yourself 140$. 

I googled how to use arduino with microchip studio and found this link