Made my own Digispark (sort of)

A project log for ATTINY_85 Sheild

A shield for working with ATTiny85's

Seth WhitingSeth Whiting 04/15/2021 at 19:270 Comments

Tested digispark bootloader on the board and it worked. Found this tutorial for uploading the bootloader to the attiny85. (not my video)

Link to video:

the functionality of programming the board via usb works perfectly. I uploaded the blink sketch and the LED pulsed on and off every second. I used the files and method described in the video and found that this method of uploading is very similar to the way .hex files are uploaded via microchip studio using the method mentioned before to create an external tool link only we write the bit of code in a .bat file. What I learned is that AVRDude is the real program that does the heavy lifting. Most everything else is a shortcut version of running the commands that set the proper variables in the command line to be able to upload a .hex file to the microcontroller.