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A shield for working with ATTiny85's

Seth WhitingSeth Whiting 04/15/2021 at 19:340 Comments

Making a list of helpful links that I've used while making this project. It's a bit unsorted but wanted to get the info out there. 

AVR Tutorial - Software setup for Windows

ATtiny85 timer tutorial: generating time delay using Interrupts - Gadgetronicx

Digispark DIY: the Smallest USB Arduino : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Removing a Curse from ATtiny85 Fuses

>> Little Wire

Engbedded AVR Fuse Calculator

High Voltage programming/Unbricking for Attiny – Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 & Raspberry Pi stuff

(198) Programming ATtiny85 & flashing a Bootloader (Search Timed Out - FIX) - YouTube

ATtiny85 Powered High Voltage AVR Programmer -

GitHub - RalphBacon/ATTiny85_Fuse_Resetter: Want to use all SIX GPIO pins on the ATTiny85? Now you can.

Arduino/Uno/AVR_High_Voltage_Fuse_Programmer at master · GadgetReboot/Arduino · GitHub

Integrate ArduinoISP and Atmel Studio : 4 Steps - Instructables