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A project log for Piunora

A Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board in Arduino/Metro formfactor with electronics prototyping mind.

Prof. FartsparkleProf. Fartsparkle 03/31/2021 at 11:570 Comments

Piunora has been in development for about 3 months now and has moved on to the pre-production run, if no issues arrive from that I will also release the design files. I know some are eager to take a look at those but I had bad experience with releasing unfinished designs so I'm sticking to verified designs.
Once they are ready for release I will create a GitHub repo and add it to this project. So if you follow this project you should be notified about the release.

I've been meaning to track the development on but it was just way to taxing to do this also besides actually working on it but I try to give you some of the background details after the fact to give you an idea how the development had progressed.
Now the design is entering more the production phase and I hope I can give you more insights into that as it progresses.

Piunora has entered its crowdfunding campaign yesterday on CrowdSupply and I'm really happy about all the excitement I have received throughout the day!

If you are eager to get a Piunora the campaign is your best bet, it will receive boards first before any other distributors after the campaign.