Beta test under way, components ordered

A project log for Piunora

A Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board in Arduino/Metro formfactor with electronics prototyping mind.

Prof. FartsparkleProf. Fartsparkle 06/19/2021 at 17:380 Comments

By now all of the beta testers have received their units and have been playing with the board. I already got some valuable insight into software issues.
In the meantime I was hustling to secure the stock for all the parts which was quite nerve wrecking due to many parts being out of stock for many months. In the end I found enough drop-in replacements so at least this first production run is secured!

I have also been busy making all the last changes that I discovered since the last production prototype. Mostly silkscreen fixes and a few pin out changes (the pins that normally over a UART on Arduinos now actually has pins with hardware UART).

I also sneaked in a little bonus feature for the adventurous hackers. You can now optionally mount a SIM card connector to use 4G/5G modem cards in the M.2 connector. I verified that this is actually possible, in this case you just need to close the USB jumper that I provided to re-route the USB-A port to the M.2 connector.