Gaming Robot

A robot to play NPCs in an Augmented Reality fiction or role playing game. This robot can also be used to produce media content.

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More specifically, it is a mobile torso humanoid with no real head, no hands, and half length femurs. This robot also has a 2 or 4 axis 10 segment spine.

The head, hands, and legs are Augmented Reality. On this robot the 2 main points that are tracked are the atlas (top of the neck) and the pelvis. To the atlas we attach the AR head and AR hands, and the AR legs are attached to the pelvis.

Tracking techs like Intel Realsense T265, the Vive Tracker, ARCore, even ARUCO
markers from OpenCV can be used to help blend virtual components to real components.
I've tried all these.

My goal is to give this robot 3 main modes of operation. Sitting. Lying, and Wheelchair.
1. Sitting- posing and motioning with the arms. I don't expect it to stay up without it's arm. It's pretty much a tripod.

2. Lying- rolling over and doing a "mermaid" gait. Maybe.

3. Wheelchair- Maybe unrealistic, but I'm a reacher.

Individual Segment Description.

This illustration shows the holes I use in each of the segments. I use a straight countersink for the ball sockets so I can experiment with different balls sizes. I like 9/16" the best. I use delrin balls so I can drill a 1/8" hole in them. A cable is passed through this hole to bind all the segments in a group together. A single cable could bind both the upper and lower groups, but it makes it difficult to disassemble the robot components for whatever reason. Also if you use stainless steel balls and cannot drill them, you can pass a cable down and then up again along the purple holes in the illustration. The location of the spring holes doesn't seem to be super sensitive. I've seen some people use the control lines to hold the springs too. I like them separate so I can remove the control lines and the segmented component still works. 

  • Gaming Robot Update, Drive Box and Shoulders

    Sean Cain07/17/2021 at 02:26 0 comments

    Updates that can be seen in this video...
    aluminum support plates in drive box
    sliding tension adjustable motor mounts
    1/16" kevlar control lines
    doubled up u-bolt clamps to anchor control lines
    Lumenier LU8 Pro motors closer to body
    10T to 18T timing belt drive
    shoulder actuator mounts attached to spine
    shoulder actuator place holders (temporary)
    shoulder blade mounts attached to spine.
    poly-carbonate should blades, 2 layers of 3/32"

  • Arm Update

    Sean Cain07/01/2021 at 23:05 0 comments

    Recently worked out an arm shape I can live with. They look a bit "aggressive". My hope is that I can decorate the large looking triceps so that the forward portion looks like the arm, and a rearward portion looks like armor of some sort or maybe a crazy fashionable fluff of something. We'll see. Keep in mind I'm trying to keep all 3 actuators for the arm on the arm, and off the body. I think if I was building a nimble quad like Cheetah or Spot, this wouldn't work as well. I'll just have to keep motions slow and smooth.

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