PnPPP - Pick & Place Pre-Processor

A tool to rotate parts in PNP files to match fab orientation, panelize PNP and BOM data, reformat CSV & more

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PnPPP is a tool for automatically converting PCB assembly files to the format required by your fab or machine, automatically rotate parts to the correct orientation and duplicate pick-and-place data with new positions for the purpose of panelization. All required meta data can be maintained directly within the CAD project.

- Parse and re-generate BOM and PNP files
- Continuously scan filesystem for changes and automatically process changed files
- Rotate parts in PNP file based on per-component setting in the CAD tool
- Duplicate PNP data with adjusted coordinates to generate PCB panels from a single board
- Rename, re-order and delete columns
- All meta data (for auto-rotation, panelization etc.) can be managed from within the CAD project

Free, Open Source, GPL. See github page for more info

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