In This Project, We’ll Teach You Making A Adjustable Voltage Regulator Circuit With Push Switch. It Is Also Possible To Make This Circuit Using Potentiometer, But We Follow A Unique Method To Make This Circuit.

To Make This Amazing Electronics Circuit, We Might Need Some Electronics Component. Those Component List Have To Been Given Below.

Component List :

1. Mosfet – IRF z44n

2. LDR – Light Dependent Resistor

3. Resistor – 100 KΩ (2 Pieces)

                       1 MΩ

4. Push Switch – 2 Pieces

5. LED – 12v

6. Film Capacitor – 105j250v

7. Power Source – Dc 12v

8. Heat Sink

Mosfet Pinout -  The Mosfet IRF Z44n Contain 3 Legs. This 3 Legs Have Different Names. If We Count It’s Leg From Left Side, Then 1st No “Gate”, 2nd No “Drain” & 3rd No “Source”.

Circuit Connection – 1st Connect 100 KΩ Resistor With “Source” Leg Of Mosfet. Then Connect Push Switch With 100 KΩ Resistor & Connect Other Push Switch With The Empty Terminal Of Push Switch, That Is Connected With 100 KΩ Resistor.

Now We Connect DC-12v LED Light With The Circuit. Connect LED Light Negative Leg With “Drain” Leg Of Mosfet.

Now We Connect Film Capacitor With The Circuit. Connect This Film Capacitor With “Gate” & “Drain” Leg Of Mosfet.

You Know, We Use 2 Pieces 100 KΩ Resistor. 1 Piece Is Connected With The Circuit. Now We Connect The Rest 1 Piece. We Connect This Due 100 KΩ Resistor With The Empty Leg Of Push Switch And “Drain” Leg Of Mosfet.

Now We Connect The 1 MΩ Resistor With The Circuit. Connect This 1 MΩ Resistor With The Joint Place Of 2 Push Switch And The “Gate” Leg Of Mosfet.

Our Circuit Is Almost Ready For Use Now. For Power Source, We Are Using DC-12v. Connect DC-12v Positive(+) Cable With LED Positive Leg & DC-12v Negative(-) Cable With “Source” Leg Of Mosfet.

It Is The Time To Use The LED Brightness Controller Circuit. When You Push 1no Switch, Then The Led Light Will Glow Up & When You Push 2no Switch, Then The LED Light Will Glow Down.

Connect The Mosfet With The Heat Sink & Enjoy The Circuit.