Gamecube Switch Dock

Nintendo Switch dock inside a Gamecube with joy-con chargers and original controller ports.

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Gamecube Switch dock based on Rated-E Mods design with some changes of my own. Wired the USB Gamecube controller adapter control board to the original Gamecube ports and added LEDs. Placed working USB ports into the memory card slots with working flaps. Added docked indicator LED the original Gamecube color, in the original location. Also added 2 USB Joy-Con chargers to the sides of the Gamecube. This uses the official Nintendo dock internals so no worries of bricking or power delivery issues.


Mayflash USB Adapter wiring diagram

JPEG Image - 36.51 kB - 03/31/2021 at 19:37



STL files for 3D Printed parts

RAR Archive - 237.04 kB - 03/31/2021 at 19:36


  • 1 × Mayflash USB Adapter USB Gamecube controller adapter
  • 1 × USB 4 way data splitter 4 way USB "hub" with full data capability on all ports
  • 2 × 90 degree USB extension Not necessary but saved some soldering
  • 1 × Nintendo Gamecube Non-working Gamecube found online
  • 1 × Official Nintendo Switch Dock Original dock that came with the Switch

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