To make an electronic device, the printed circuit board plays a central role. It follows the design process that converts an electronic schematic (designed by the circuit designer) into a physical circuit board. However, there are three different ways to design the PCB, a single-sided PCB, a double-sided PCB, and a multi-layer PCB. These three types used two kinds of technologies, the through-hole technology, and the surface mount technology. But, these technologies got formulated by the long process of inventions in history. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the invention and history of the PCB.

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History of the PCB
The designer, Eisler in the 1940s invented the more creative design of PCB. It includes the etching of circuits onto the copper foil. In the 1950s when the transistor got introduced in the market, the design got more modification. Since the translator have small in size so PCB got improved. After that, PCBs get advanced into a double layer. That contains electronic components on one layer and printing on the other side. Therefore, to prevent boards from degradation, zinc plates, and resistant material got introduced. Then, In the 1960s printed circuit boards are wrongly associated with the harmful chemical polychlorinated biphenyl.