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A project log for Game Card

A $15 game console the size of a business card that plays multiple games via cartridges.

dylan-turnerDylan Turner 08/17/2021 at 21:490 Comments
Two things:
  1.  I've improved the speed and size of the Display library by switching to TinyWireM instead of SoftwareWire. It's just a much smaller library. Instead of 40% of your code being the display library, it's now only like 25% or something.
  2. I removed the need to use the Arduino IDE for development. Instead, I added a Makefile which sets up an arduino-cli environment and allows me to do everything from compiling to burning bootloaders and uploading from VS code and a terminal, meaning I also don't need to copy the libraries over into my Arduino libraries folder to update them. Everything is self-contained in the repo which makes further development faster and easier.