Why Cirkit Studio

Cirkit Studio offers several key features to make it easier to design and document your circuits:

  • Circuits can be designed on a virtual breadboard, making it easy to prototype on a real breadboard
  • Unlike other breadboard-friendly tools, Cirkit Studio represents electrical connections as nets, rather than individual wires, which makes it much easier to conceptualize a circuit
  • Cirkit Studio automatically draws "pretty" circuit schematics for documentation, intelligently placing and coloring wires so that your circuits are easy to understand
  • Cirkit Studio can selectively display electrical nets in a circuit, one at a time, making it possible to systematically debug a circuit

In addition to these core capabilities, Cirkit Studio aims to incorporate an Arduino IDE for coding, and simulation capabilities, in order to become a centralized tool for designing electronics projects.

The Cirkit Design team warmly welcomes you to check out Cirkit Studio, which we hope can make it easier and more enjoyable to build electronics!

Cirkit Studio is currently in beta, and we are eager to receive feedback from the community, which will help us to make this a valuable tool!

Some of Cirkit Studio's capabilities are described below.

Breadboarding a circuit in Cirkit Studio

First, you can place components on a breadboard, and wire up your components. You can use components from our extensive parts library, or you can use our GUI component creator to create custom components!

Automatically Draw Electrical Nets

Cirkit Studio can then automatically render a schematic of your circuit, perfect for debugging and also documenting your circuit.

This contrasts the tedium in other circuit layout tools of manually placing wires (including selecting unique colors, and adding bends to route your wires around components - Cirkit Studio does this automatically!)

Circuit Debugging

In case you want to double-check your work, or step through and debug part of your circuit, you can selectively show only certain nets by temporarily disabling other nets.

This makes it much much easier to conceptualize and inspect your circuit, hiding away the unnecessary clutter of unrelated wires.

Output Circuit Rendering

When it's time to document your circuit, Cirkit Studio will output a schematic that is easy to understand and replicate, perfect for sharing your project online.