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A project log for pyusbus: a python lib for ultrasound usb probes

An API for medical ultrasound usb probes

kelu124kelu124 04/06/2021 at 11:290 Comments


The objective for this python lib is be able to get images from USB probes easily, under python, in a user-friendly API, getting images in 3 lines of code.

import pyusbus as usbProbe
probe = usbProbe.UP20() 
frames = probe.getImages(n=10) 

Getting signals and images from ultrasound mechanical probes is an interesting step to know what radiofrequency signals mean in ultrasound imaging, be it for non-destructive testing or medical imaging. The two pulse-echo boards are achieving this, however, this requires extra hardware (electronics, probes, a fair bit of soldering, ..). Getting ultrasound images could be more straightforward, especially considering ~1kUSD usb probes available on the market. Their image quality is quite good at first glance.

Target devices

This lib was tested on both a convex and a linear probe, each from a different manufacturer. Would you be interested in getting one, let me know so that I can refer to the fab contact at


Not so bad for a first test ;)