lit3-32: a small fpga pulse-echo ultrasound board

Using the up5k for some ultrasound fun

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Non destructive testing and imaging ultrasound have been around since the ’50s. Many ultrasound open-source projects are emerging, mostly focusing on image processing - while hardware has been left behind. Several teams have produced succesful designs to be used on commercial US scanners, but they are not cheap, and are difficult to access.

I couldn’t find designs to play with, that would be affordable or open, so I decided to make one for makers, researchers and hackers.

What’s the hardware?

  • FPGA: Lattice UP5K. Onboard RAM for 64k points saves.
  • Onboard flash : W25X10CLSNIG
  • Pulser : HV7361GA-G: can manageg up to +-100V pulses. Onboard is 5V pulse.
  • AD8332 for gain - ~90dB gain.
  • ADC: AD9629BCPZ-65: 12bits, reaching 64Msps here
  • DAC: MCP4812-E/MS for 8us gain segments

  • Some progress

    kelu12405/05/2021 at 20:59 0 comments

    Design is moving forward! Some new adaptations and cleanup.. Really curious to get it assembled and running =)

  • Meet the lit3rick

    kelu12404/06/2021 at 11:19 1 comment

    Yeah! The lit3-32 should be the last step to provide users with a low-cost high-gain pulse-echo board.

    It buils on its predecessor, the lit3rick board, but improves the gain.

    It can acquire, at 5V (without external high voltage generator), some already interesting images.

    from which it can extract the enveloppe to reduce necessary bandwidth.

    With a zoom on one of its echoes:

    Now, this project aims at increasing available gain!

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