• Getting Started

    Tron900004/12/2021 at 20:43 0 comments

    First thing: buy a screen (or 2- in case teh magic smoke escapes from one).

    SSD1306 OLED display - one of many on amazon

    Having never played with this display before, the first place to start is online finding tutorials, and I found one:

    Random Nerd Tutorials: Guide for I2C OLED Display

    Worked my way through this and it also gave me some ideas. Given the theme of the nerf blaster is based on Fotnite, perhaps I could find a font online I could use for this project.

    A small issue though: this one is bi-colour as it has a yellow strip along the top, so pay attention to what you're buying. Its no big deal though.

    To wrap this up, I managed to get a Bitmap of the Nerf logo on the display.