Most live-streaming options are available for peloton bike computers. Garmin has closed source devices with proprietary .fit file format, ANT+ sensors and data processing in Garmin connect. For people who are looking for open source projects with live-streaming option, .csv data format and freedom of choice for data processing applications, there are only few projects available.

Aren t Garmin watches based on Linux? As far as I know, nobody was able to hack Garmin watches yet. Therefore, it is time for an open source alternative. I propose Linux Asteroid OS watches, which have a great potential.

Unfortunately, I am not a programmer, but I can deal with Matlab and Python scripts. I reviewed some Linux phones and Asteroid OS watches on:

I am looking for programers who are interested in these great watches, and see the potential of these. I first step would be to port the Adafruit Open Source Bike Computer to a Linux phone, or to Linux Asteroid OS watch:

The Adafruit software is a professional BLE sports computer, which can compete with Garmin devices. There are only few open source sports devices available. Linux Asteroid OS watches paired to BLE sports sensors is an option with a great potential.