• Prototype 2

    OmegaRogue04/18/2021 at 13:45 0 comments

    Prototype 2 improved on Prototype 1 by decreasing the screen angle from 45° to 22.5°. I had some initial problems with getting the Optics to work correctly, but with a 1.5x lens it worked fine with only minor image warp.

    No lens, longer distance from screen
    No lens, short distance from screen
    2.5x lens, long distance from screen
    2.5x lens, short distance from screen
    1.5x lens, long distance from screen
    1.5x lens, short distance from screen

    The next steps for the Hardware are to reduce the weight of Project GLASSES, correct the remaining image distortions by switching to a fresnel lens and putting it at an angle, making a frame to wear it and use it, and mounting an MPU9250 to make things like a virtual horizon possible.

  • Prototype 1!

    OmegaRogue04/18/2021 at 13:37 0 comments

    Prototype 1 has been done for a while, though the projection screen was at a 45° angle, which was suboptimal and would get in the way easily. Also, the screen holder had a 2mm slot, and the sheet of acrylic I use is 1mm thick, because I originally planned on using a 2mm acrylic sheet, but I found a cheaper 1mm sheet on AliExpress. 

    Prototype 1
    Prototype 1, attached to a set of cinema 3d glasses for testing.