2021-06-12 - Pulsed AirCannon

A project log for WiFive55

Enhanced ESP-01 WiFi relay/SSR/opto module & 555 emulator. 06/13/2021 at 22:420 Comments

Just successfully tested with my AirCannon & a "rapid paintball distribution" adaptor which shoots 10 paintballs in all directions, using a 100mS pulse of about 40psi.

The important bit is that the valve closes fast enough to keep enough air in the 24 litre tank to do 2 more shots.  Maybe 4 shots in total when I fully charged to 90psi next time.

As an interesting side-effect, when it goes off, it's *much* quieter than an uncontrolled release. 

Also tried a bit of spot-welding recently, using a repurposed microwave transformer.  Unfortunately the FOTEK SSR I had was only going ON with quite a high resistance - presumably a flakey fake.  So while not thinking properly, I tried it on the WiFive55 board with the inline SSR which is only rated at 3A.  Handy note: that SSR fails-ON, so beware.  Fortunately I bought 2 inline SSRs so I replaced it for the above AirCannon test.  Still waiting on another FOTEK, hopefully genuine!