Patapon DS4 Hacking

Play patapon by only select command via hacking DS4 controller buttons with a arduino

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My english is not good. but i will write some things about this project.

This device connect DS4 buttons with copper wires and an arduino press the buttons for patapon combo with perfect timing for you.

All source code description and images on Github.

Video in action:

Pulse video:

Project highlights:
* Device lets you select next command for patapons with .
* Next command selection by user with analog joyistic.
* Device can be pray for the Miracle and after that syncronization will continue perfectly.
* Device has build in photosensor for get sync from TV Monitor.
* Also it has functionality for manual sync. Human ear based sync.

Some Words:
I m very enjoyed when make this project for fun.
Happy hack for everyone.

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