I've purchased the following hardware:

  • An amplifier for sound output
  • A board-mount headphone jack (because I want to actually plug in headphones for this baby)
  • A display
    • I'm actually super unsure about this. I'm pretty sure it won't fit inside the hardware, but I'm wondering if there's a way to dremmel off the left side of the display casing without totally destroying it. I had a hard time finding a 2.5" (diagonal) display that actually fits the dimensions of the iPod's window, which is 2" x 1.5". Worst-case I have a 2" display, which sucks because it's more square, and I'll just mask it off inside. Would definitely be a bummer.
  • A vibrating motor (well, like 15 of them because Amazon) - I might go back to the original actual click of this thing, but these are cheap so I thought I'd try what Guy did
  • A ribbon cable converter for being able to receive data from the wheel's touch sensors
  • An old iPod charging cable, because I'm hoping to actually charge the battery using the original 30 pin interface, if the board will fit in the enclosure still
  • Two iPods off eBay. Not proud of this, but when I first gutted it I went with a slash and burn approach, destroying pretty much everything in my wake. I want to actually try to use as much original hardware as possible: The hold switch, the original 30 pin interface board, the touch wheel, so I bought a couple that were in disrepair so I can gut them for original parts to put back in service