On the given video I will show you how to make a Space Invaders game on a homemade 8x8 Led Matrix.

   The device is very simple to build and contains only a few components:
    - Arduino Nano microcontroller
    - 8x8 Led matrix
    - 10 Kiloohms Potentiometer
    - Buzzer
    - and Momentary switch

   The matrix contains 64 pieces, 5 mm LEDs that are mounted on an Alumil plate with a thickness of 4 mm. On the front of the matrix is placed a white plexiglass with a thickness of 1 mm which serves as a light diffuser.The idea for this project as well as the code are taken from the "elvinlee" page, where you can see the original project.


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   The potentiometer is used to move the weapon left and right, and with the button we fire laser beams. The game is accompanied by appropriate sounds similar to those of the original. Also it contains several levels and with each new level the speed increases. In this case the power supply is external but the battery can also be mounted, so we get an independent game console.

   Finally, the assembly is mounted in a suitable box made of PVC plastic with a thickness of 3 and 5 mm, coated with colored self-adhesive wallpaper