Improvements for v.03

A project log for ╬╝Diff: Long distance digital signals over RJ45

A simple 50mmx44mm module to route power and differential signals (RS-485) over RJ-45

Alexander WilliamsAlexander Williams 04/15/2021 at 14:020 Comments

I guess improvements are never ending, but I'll wait to receive the v.02 boards and test them before I send v.03 off to the fab.

I noticed a few things I should improve in the next version of the board:

These are minor improvements, but they'll slightly increase safety and make usage/deployment a bit simpler.

I'm still on the fence regarding the 3-pin header for tying RJ45 to VIN. If there power coming into the board while the jumper is removed (or added), it could be quite dangerous to touch. I'm not exactly sure how to work around that.. I don't like the idea of exposing VIN on a 2.54mm pin header..