• Ultra-Low Power, high sensitivity, low noise VGA sensor.
  • Operates 7.8mA VGA 60 FPS down to 240µA in monitor mode.
  • Automatic wake and sleep operation with programmable event interrupt to wake host processor.
  • On-chip high precision oscillator, auto exposure/gain, ambient light sensor, and zone detection.
  • Metered exposure provides well-exposed first frame and after extended sleep (blanking) period.
  • External frame synch and stereo camera support.
  • Flexible binning, subsampling, and region of interest.
  • The embedded line provides metadata frame, AE statistics, zone trigger, and other interrupt event information.
  • On-chip high precision oscillator and LDO.
  • 1-lane MIPI CSI2 and 8-bit parallel/serial data format that supports 1-bit, 4-bit, and 8-bit protocol.
  • I2C 2-wire serial interface supporting burst operation for fast register access.
  • < 13 mm2 CSP sensor package option.
  • High CRA for low profile module design.

Package including

  • 1 x Arducam HM0360 camera module