This is called ferrofluid. It is a material developed by NASA in the 1960s. It was used as both spacecraft fuel and sealing material. I was very interested in this. 

It is made by reprocessing using ferrofluid of EFH-1 model of 'Ferrotech'. 

It wasn't easy. Because ferrofluid adheres well to glass, special treatments were required on the glass.

I wanted to make a device that responds to music with this. A device that operates an electromagnet device was made using'MSGEQ7', a module that separates the sound range.

I designed the appearance of the speaker. There was no choice but to make it a design in which the sound escapes upwards.

3D printer was broken and the printout had to be repaired.

The enclosure was customized to fit the speaker case. Sealed so that the passive radiator can operate. (I was fortunate that I couldn't see this part)

An electromagnet device and LED lighting were installed. Then I combined it with the enclosure speaker module.

Since this is in the R&D stage, the devices are attached to the back panel for convenience.

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