Some ideas for the layout of the system

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Modular aeroponics-based vertical farming

neil-k-sheridanNeil K. Sheridan 05/27/2021 at 20:030 Comments

Now these are quite awful, and I need to learn some basics of using CAD software! But I put them in case I forget when I have new ideas!

1. This is an indoor system. Imagine the root-zone (which is below) and the plant-zone being the size of a coffee table. But the depth would be greater, maybe 60cm? And on the front, we have the nutrient + water tank (so easily accessible), and the accumulator tank, and in-between these we have an enclosure for the microprocessors, with a touchscreen on top. LED matrix is attached to the 'coffee table'  with a beam, and placed above. Not sure on the height above as of yet. Then we can also enclose the whole plant zone perhaps.