Cycle Buddy

This project is there to ensure safety and justice for cyclists all over the world. It is developed using a raspberry pi microcontroller.

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This system aims at capturing any vehicle driver that interferes in the path of professional or hobbyist cyclists across the world.
Why did we build this system? As cyclists ourselves, we know the struggle of having to sustain unethical acts from drivers everywhere.
So we built this system to make sure these drivers are caught and giving the victims a chance to alert authorities with enough and efficient proof.
How does cycle buddy work?
Please do visit our youtube for detailed playlists on the content:
And GitHub:

So how does Cycle Buddy work?

Cycle Buddy is built directly into the user's bicycle.

First of all, let us tackle what are the roles of the sensors.

1. Ultrasonic Sensor: The latter aims at capturing the distance from the car relative to to the bike. Moreover, it will extract the speed at which the car was coming at with cm/s as units.

2. Hall Effect Sensor: This sensor will enable the system to know when the bike is rotating, giving us its velocity with cm/s as units. This is needed to understand if the car is parked or not. We would not want to blame a driverless car.

3. Pi Camera: Once the camera is triggered, it will be situated strategically to ensure it captures the driver's car plate. Once done, the system will send the captured image to an API that will recognise the car plate using Computer Vision.

Moreover, the system includes some external components:

1. Android app that can be easily downloaded by the user, which has the following assets:

  • It plots the real time data coming from the sensor readings (car distance and velocity, bike velocity)
  • Once a car gets too close to the bike at high speeds, it will extract the image and display the car plate's image and its recognised symbols, the car velocity, distance and the bike velocity at the instant the camera was triggered.

2. Firebase:

  • A real time database that stores the results stated above which enables safe storage for the proof.

3. Car Enquiry Website for UK cars:

  • Once the users have all the data needed, and especially the car plate of the driver's vehicle, they can visit the following link:, plugging in the car plate recognised, and having enough proof to contact local authorities.


Snippet of the outdoor demo: Mobile App Results

MPEG-4 Video - 10.51 MB - 04/18/2021 at 01:32



How to setup the system on the bicycle

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  • Version 1.0

    Omar Jabri04/19/2021 at 20:37 0 comments

    This is the latest release in use. After long months of rigorous work, CycleBuddy system is finally ready for production!


    How does this release improve our system?

    A. Our system is complete, in terms of circuitry and low level modules:

    a. Our sensors are narrowed down to one Pi Camera, one Ultrasonic Sensor, and one Hall Effect Sensor.

    b. Our Proof Of Concept system design has met our expectations. The modules were placed in a strategic way to operate as we need.

    c. The system is fully tested, operational and real-time!

    B. Our Package of the CycleBuddy program includes all necessary components to coordinate with the physical system:

    a. The programs are event-driven and split into multiple threads.

    b. The system is dynamically built and generated using Cmake and Make.

    c. Unit tests have been implemented for the different components of our system.


    Our expectations is that this system will be ready for international use within 4-6 months. There are some improvements to be dealt with such as improving the proof of concept system design, such as using other materials and not scotch. Making our system design more professional will surely catch investor's eyes.

    Finally, improving the mobile app and making sure the car plate recognising API is international, will allow us to pursue with this product and market it.

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    How to build, test and run the system?

    Please do visit our youtube channel where there is a detailed video on how to build, test and run the system alongside how to use the android application:

    Setup the system:

    Full example on how to operate it:

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