Soooo many encoders! (and more to come...)

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josh-pieperJosh Pieper 06/30/2022 at 14:070 Comments

All the released versions of moteus have had an ABS port, and since r4.8 it has had an ENC port.  To date, the only supported things for the ABS port was to attach a low rate I2C device as a disambiguator, and the only use for the ENC port was to connect an external primary encoder.

No more!

Now, the ports can be used for a host of encoders and other accessories, including:

Additionally, you can flexibly set up which encoder(s) are used for commutation, output, and disambiguation, in addition to monitoring the values of everything over CAN.  All of these features are available now in the 2022-06-28 release on github and work with every released moteus board (with the caveat that r4.5 and earlier have no ENC port).

Here's a big video showing a bunch of different possible configurations:

The details of how to set things up can be found in a series of blog posts:

And all the worked examples can be found at: