unPi Sonar Glass

an affordable smart glass for people with visual impairments

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Cheapest your-friend-can-DIY smart glass for the Blind, able to detect obstacles up to 4 meters in front of the #unPi Sonar Glass wearer and alert him/her using small vibration motors (on the  forward left, center, right detection). All based on an open source hardware design and open license for its  microPython code, powered by an embedded Raspberry Pico microcontroller.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Pico with Pre-soldered Headers
  • 1 × Pico Prototype board
  • 3 × HC-SR04P Low-Voltage UltraSonic Distance Sensor
  • 2 × Shaftless Vibration Motor
  • 1 × curved plastic glasses

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    follow for details

    all code & instructions are open sourced at, see unPi Sonar Glass there

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