The Chess Pieces

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Making my own automatic chessboard

phantom-chessboardPhantom Chessboard 04/24/2021 at 00:050 Comments

The weakest point of the current board are the pieces. They are too light and small (I’m guessing this is to make them easy to move by the mechanism) 

I will produce new bigger and heavier pieces and, since we’ll do them from scratch, why not have our own custom design? ;)

The first design is made out of wood with a magnet inside and an aluminum ring. I like the shape and looks but the pieces are still too light. 

This lightness causes the piece to wobble when moved around by the electromagnet when passing close to a resting piece.

We added cold rolled steel to add more weight to the pieces.

I’m very pleased with the current design but having the mechanism and the electromagnet to move the pieces correctly will not be easy. We’ll have to find the correct electromagnet to move the weight of the pieces smoothly or look for other options Let me know what you think! 

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