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A project log for Autotron Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 driving a robot car: internet enabled, video streaming

Tomislav PreksavecTomislav Preksavec 03/18/2018 at 23:290 Comments

It's been some time since the last revision of this project, and many things have changed since - for one, there's much smaller and cheaper version of RPi that can be used for Autotron Pi: Zero W. Which is not only smaller, but also it's less thirsty, which means our juice canister can shrink too. And the price goes down again, not affecting the usability at all!

So, what else is there to do other than to restart the project? Of course, smaller component sizes means we can 3D print the chasis, right? Right! And that will allow us to ditch most of the 3D printed mounting pieces as those can be integrated into the chasis design now.

The rest of the hardware is as optimal as it can be, so it's a pretty safe to say it won't change. But, as the part's price goes down, there's enough free space for some hardware additions :-)

Naturally, all this means that this project is going to be shelved, and the future development can be followed at the new project site. This log is our final goodbye to this project, thanks to all of you who followed and liked it, we hope you'll like it's fork project too.