Build Log #1 - Parts Ordered!

A project log for Vintage Electric Go Kart

Your typical electric go kart build... maybe?

Andy ShinnAndy Shinn 04/21/2021 at 16:240 Comments

The project now has legs.... or rather, wheels!

We have ordered parts and I made the 7 hour trip to Keller, TX to pick up the vintage kart kit.

In addition to the frame we have the other major parts ordered as I finally settled on a setup I hope will work well:

There are still a lot of parts left on the list (wiring, terminals, mounting plates, 3D printed parts, fasteners, etc). But these are the major cost components and they are en route!

In addition to gathering parts I've been spending a ton of time in OnShape trying to model up how everything will fit together. There are a couple custom parts to be made:

That is it for this update. Parts start arriving next week so stay tuned!